A message from the Deacons:  The Deacons want to be there for you.  If you have thoughts or concerns, please contact any Deacon.  The Deacons regularly visit our shut-ins and welcome anyone joining us in our visitation.  If you would like us to visit you, please contact us.  We are asking that church members pay attention to their neighbors.  If you notice someone is missing from regular attendance during worship or other activities, please let the Deacons know so we can check on them. 

The Board of Deacons:  The Board of Deacons, in accordance with the guidelines of the Book of Order, is charged to minister to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and anyone in distress.  At WPC, there are 9 Deacon positions available.  Deacons are elected to serve terms of three years but are ordained for life. The Deacons meet on the third Sunday of the month.

Class of 2024:  Melissa Nowland, Peg Tyler, Brooke Cogswell

Class of 2025:  Alyssa McCarty, Sara Petlock, Cheryl Keeney

Class of 2026:  Rachel Sznaider, Megan Kirschner, Deb Minturn

Student Deacon: Ashlyn Neiley