We Believe....

What We Believe

We believe in One Triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


We believe in Jesus Christ—God the Son, our Savior and Lord, who died on the cross, and was resurrected on the third day.


We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.


We believe that sin—humanity’s willful disobedience to God’s covenants as well as our inadvertent omission to live as God commands—separates us from God.


We believe that Jesus came into the world to both demonstrate life in perfect relationship with God (as God intended), to die a sacrificial death for our sins, and secure eternal life for all who believe in him through his resurrection. 


We believe that we are justified by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  In other words, if we believe that Jesus is our Savior and the Son of God, our sins are forgiven and a restored relationship with God is possible once again.


We believe in the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit continually sanctifies our lives as we live in our relationship with God, making us more holy every day, and preparing us for eternity with God.


We believe that our response to what God has done for us through Jesus Christ is Worship and Obedience. 

  • We worship God to express our praise for who God is and our gratitude for what God has done.
  • We live in obedience to show God that we are grateful for what God has done, and to carry out the mission that God has given the Church. 


We believe that God’s mission for the Church is to make more followers of Jesus.  We do this by…

  • Demonstrating God’s love through acts of service and social justice;
  • Verbally witnessing to the unchurched; being prepared to tell them what Jesus has done for us. 


We believe that the Church family is a gift from God.  Every member has a ministry to give within the church family as well as our mission to make more followers of Jesus.  Everyone has a gift to give to the life of the Church family.